Steam bath

Steam bath

The Ananda Marga Yoga Wellness Center practices a holistic approach to health through various natural therapies, yoga postures, meditation and vegetarian diet. We not only assist our students in their healing, we also teach them the path to life-long health.

The Treatment we provide Empowers People

– to overcome problems caused by excess fat, stress and disease
– to cure themselves through a system of natural therapy without depending on medicines
– to become physically fit, mentally relaxed and fully conscious
– to learn new healthy systems of eating, exercise, drinking water and harmonious thought

We offer a complete systematic, in-patient natural therapy program. Daily activities are not only therapeutic but also entertaining and educative.


Examples of our Past Cases
Nearly 100% of our students have either been completely cured or at least highly benefited. Examples of the conditions we have been treating:

  • acidity
  • arthritis and rheumatism

    Monitoring health condition

    Monitoring health condition

  • asthma
  • blood pressure
  • cancer, tumors, cysts
  • candida
  • cholesterol excess
  • circulation poor, numbness
  • constipation and diarrhea
  • depression mild
  • digestive complications, gastritis, dizziness
  • headaches
  • heart trouble
  • hemorrhoids
  • insomnia
  • lethargy (inadequate physical energy)
  • liver, kidney and bladder problems
  • lung disease
  • menstrual complications
  • mental weakness
  • obesity
  • sciatica
  • sinusitis and other mucus problems
  • skin disease including psoriasis, dandruff and acne
  • stress and anxiety
  • ulcer

Our Main Therapies
– a nutritious, delicious DIET of alkaline food (fruits, vegetables and other light vegetarian food), freeing the digestive system from its normal burdens so the body can naturally heal itself.
– an exercise program with a wide range:a) gentle YOGA POSTURES for the glands and nerves
b) SLOW EXERCISE of walking and mild games
c) VIGOROUS EXERCISE of brisk walking & running and active games
– various individually prescribed treatments include:
MUD PACK applying hygienic mud to specific areas of need, or in some cases to the whole body both absorbing toxins and attracting healing blood.
STEAMBATH to sweat out toxins, while keeping the face in fresh air (not like sauna, which compels one to breathe in toxic air).
HOT FOOTBATH also to sweat out toxins, with a particular effect on lower body and lung problems.
COLEMA (in between COLonic machine and EnEMA) internally cleansing the intestines.
SPINAL BATH to cool the spine only, our best physical treatment for releasing stress.
WARM CIDER VINEGAR BATH done only just before sleeping for those who have difficulty to sleep, enabling nerves to thoroughly relax.
HYDRO BUBBLE BATH with 300 jets of warm or hot water, directed at specific areas of the needy body, together with aromatic oils.
SYSTEMATIC SUNBATH alternating in and out of the sun, with water or oil massage according to need, for fixed number of minutes and during a fixed interval.
HIPBATH attracting healing blood to the lower internal organs including the digestive organs and the female organs.
HOT WATER BAGS AND ICE PACKS depending on whether one needs heat for relaxation or cold for healing.
– WATER-DRINKING SYSTEM, 3 to 4 liters or more daily, to cleanse toxins.
– MENTAL EXERCISE & MEDITATION (including deep relaxation and visualization) to convert stress into calm positivism.
– a graduated program of specialized ELIMINATION DIETS & FASTING on juices, broths, fruits and/or vegetables for several days.

Length of Treatment Courses

 Purpose  Minimal Period Required
 Introduction to natural
healing & yoga
 2 days
 Introduction to detoxification   7 days
 Basic detox (no special problems)  12 days (inc 4 days pre-fast, 5 days deep detox, 3 days fast breaking)
 Deep detox for chronic diseases and significant problems  3 weeks
 Thorough treatment for so-called terminal diseases and very serious stubborn conditions. 4 to 5 weeks