Steam bath

Steam bath

Disease is primarily the result of bad habits, which cause toxins and stress to over-accumulate to the point that the body-mind responds by a sudden and radical release of toxins and/or stress which is called disease. Suppression of that release by drugs may bring temporary relief and comfort, but invariably forces the body-mind to later release the toxins and stress in an even more radical fashion, i.e. a worse disease. For example, frequent suppression of a cold may become influenza, which suppressed may become asthma, which suppressed may become skin eruptions, which suppressed may produce cancer or severe heart trouble. The environment in a natural health clinic, on the other hand, provides various means so that the natural cleansing process may be accelerated to enable the body and mind to fully eliminate the cause of disease.

Natural therapy is based on a 100% positive approach to health and life. It strikes at the root of disease, which in most cases is inappropriate eating and thinking habits.

Unlike other medical systems, naturopathy:

Hip Bath

Hip Bath

– does more than address the symptoms of health problems

– strikes at the source of these problems and is, therefore, effective
– has no negative side effects
– is long-lasting in its cures
– is affordable since it’s not dependent on expensive medicines

Undergoing natural therapy is easy and the results are quick. We use a number of systems to facilitate the body’s cleansing. A balance of these techniques is prescribed according to individuals health, physical flexibility and mental capacity.

Three of the most important principles of naturopathy are:

1) Decrease the burden on the digestive system so that it may automatically concentrate on cleansing and healing.

The first principle is accomplished mostly through temporarily adjusting the student’s diet so that it provides sufficient nutrition but is as easy as possible for digestion. Common steps in treatment are, for example:
– wholegrains are easier to digest than meat and eggs.
– fruits and vegetables are easier to digest than wholegrains.
– juice is easier to digest than fruits and vegetables.

2) Less is better than more.

We do not take 2 steps when we can just take 1 step. This is in relationship to developing our treatment program for any student The result of this approach is that – we are able to judge cause-and-effect — we can know what is causing changes in the student’s symptoms – the treatment program does not suddenly become uncomfortable for the student. Rather it is evolving at a rate with which it is easy for the student to adjust – treatments are completely safe. We have never had a case of any student being injured or hurt by any part of their program at the Center

3) Treatments should not be painful or very uncomfortable.

If a treatment is painful it means either that it is being done wrong, or the student has an abnormally low tolerance of pain. In both cases the treatment must be adjusted or stopped, otherwise it is not useful for healing. Thank goodness, to the contrary, most treatments are pleasurable!